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Cost Effective Solutions:

In order to offer a competitive, value for money service, Optimum Home Care prefers to charge a fixed price for each job, rather than an hourly or daily rate. In certain situations though, for example where it’s not possible to accurately predict how long a job will take, an hourly charge is more appropriate and, in that case, Optimum Home Care will charge £30 for the first hour and £10 for every subsequent half hour.

Any materials needed for the job will be discussed prior to the work commencing and will be charged accordingly.

For flat pack furniture assembly I will normally be able to provide a fixed price quote once you have told me the manufacturer/model of the item(s) to be assembled. Please note that if flat pack furniture boxes need moving to the room where they will be assembled then an extra charge may be made. Also, for tall furniture items (e.g. wardrobes) if there is insufficient ceiling clearance, or working space, to permit the item to be assembled on the floor and lifted up, then the item will need to be assembled vertically which will take longer and therefore an extra charge will be made.

Optimum Home Care is currently not a VAT registered company (due to not crossing the annual turnover VAT threshold) and as such does not add VAT onto my service. VAT on materials needed for the job is included in the price from my trade suppliers.