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Electrician Telford

Electrician Telford – House Rewiring Services Telford

Rewiring your home or business can be an extremely disruptive process. Optimum Home Care Electrician Telford have vast experience in providing domestic and commercial customers with a full rewire solution which will suit all your required needs, minimise disruption and worry and all at a very competitive price.

Optimum Home Care Telford are fully qualified and NAPIT approved who serve Telford and the surrounding areas of Shifnal, Bridgnorth and Newport Shropshire. We have completed a number of house rewiring projects across the county. We offer competitive rates which are subject to the size of your property.

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We can also carry out any additional electrical work at the same time which can include additional wall sockets, additional lighting points etc.

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We offer a fully comprehensive Domestic and Commercial Lighting service. We supply, install and repair an extensive array of lighting products. We are based in Telford and serve the surrounding areas and we are a NAPIT approved contractor. All our work whether that be a fresh installation or a simple repair project are carried out to highest standards and all at competitive rates.

Lighting Sockets and Points

We supply and install an extensive array of Lighting Sockets and Points for your home. Whether you are replacing your tired old units or adding more light to certain rooms, we have the experience and know how to ensure the job is carried out to the correct standard.

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LED Lighting Installation

Home Lighting comes in a variety of different forms. One of the most common forms of lighting in recent years is LED. LED Lighting has become popular due to its energy saving qualities. You can now buy an LED Bulb for your home that will outlast traditional bulbs, will give out the same amount of light and usually come with some form of guarantee. They come in a variety of different models and different shades to ensure you get the right ambiance for your home.

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We Install and Service Security Lighting in Telford

Installing Security Lighting is seen as one of the most cost effective ways to add security to your home or business. Security Lighting comes in a variety of different forms.

The most common solution our clients choose to install is Motion Sensitive Security Lighting which alerts you when someone or something triggers the sensor. Most criminals love the dark so installing some Security Lighting will almost certainly deter the most determined of criminals.

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Below is some of the products we install

  • Motion Sensor Lights
  • Floodlights
  • Anti-Vandal Bulkhead Lights
  • LED Lights
  • PIR Lights – Passive Infrared Sensor

We have provided and installed Security Lighting for domestic and commercial customers for many years. We fully understand the importance of modern day security. Your installation will be carried out by NAPIT qualified electricians to ensure that all the work carried out is of the highest standard and complies with all the relevant regulations.

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Professional CCTV Installation and Servicing Telford

CCTV Installation is a service we are asked to provide to domestic and commercial customers. In these modern times it is crucial that we protect our home and businesses. One of the ways to achieve this is to have CCTV Installed. CCTV Systems come in a variety of different models but are primarily High Quality Digital Systems that are networked to your Internet Connection so the system can be accessed remotely.

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Statistically, properties that advertise that they are protected by a CCTV System are less likely to be broken in to. Insurance companies offer reduced premiums and benefits and all this comes at an affordable cost.

We can supply and fit your chosen system and offer this service in Telford, shifnal, bridgnorth and newport shropshire and the surrounding areas.


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Burglar Alarm Installation and Servicing Telford

Living in today’s world unfortunately means we have to take extra care and special measures to protect our home and property from unwanted intruders and thief’s. Having a Burglar Alarm Installed is seen as the most effective way of achieving this. Burglar Alarms act as a warning to your neighbours by sounding a loud siren which should scare away any intruders, whether you are in your home at night or away at the time. Statistics show that properties with Alarms fitted are less likely to be targeted and if they are targeted the presence of the alarm could prevent the thief from taking all your expensive possessions.


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As an NAPIT Approved, certified electrician we also offer a Burglar Alarm Installation service to our customers in Wakefield, Leeds, Halifax, Huddersfield and the surrounding areas. We can supply and install a wide range of Burglar Alarms. Combining a Burglar Alarm with a CCTV System will enhance your properties security and give you extra peace of mind.

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Landlord Testing and Inspection Telford

Every Landlord that rents out property in the UK are required by law to have their property Electrically Inspected and Certified. This should only be carried out by an accredited, competent person, such as a registered electrician. At Optimum Home Care we have provided Periodic Electrical Inspection Certificates for landlords for many years.

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The purpose of the Landlord Certification is to reveal if any equipment or existing circuits are overloaded and safe. The Inspection will also determine if there is any potential electric shock risks and fore hazards. Another main reason for Landlords required to have their properties Electrical Circuits and Equipment inspected is to ensure there is no defective electrical work or lack of adequate earthing and bonding.

As most Housing Authorities, Councils and Estate Agents will only accept Electrical Certificates that are signed off by a qualified electrician or contractor we frequently work with many of the aforementioned bodies.

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Electric Shower Installation Service

Whether you require a brand new shower installing or you are replacing an existing model, Optimum Home Care Telford are the Local Friendly Electrical Specialist to choose. We can provide and install a variety of showers or we will fit your own if you have previously purchased one. We offer free friendly advice to ensure that you make the right choice.

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All our electricians are NAPIT Approved and have many years installing and repairing showers in Telford and the surrounding areas of Telford, Shifnal, Bridgnorth, Newport shropshire

Our two main services are:

  • Complete Installation – We will supply and fit your shower and will include all the costs for the materials used.
  • Fit Only – We will install any shower you supply that is fit for purpose

For more information on our Shower Installation Service contact Steve on 07715 391 955 or use our Contact Form.


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Vehicle Charge Point Installations in Telford

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Looking for a convenient, cost-effective way to charge your electric vehicle? Optimum Home Care offer a comprehensive installation service that is suitable for virtually any domestic or commercial location. No more hunting down a local charge station, simply plug your car in when you get home or arrive at work.

We are proud to be OLEV approved installers, as well as being NICEIC certified electrical contractors, covering throughout Telford and Shropshire.  Get in touch with us today to receive your FREE no obligation quote!

Rolec Charging Points

Optimum Home Care Telford solely use Rolec charging points due to their reliability and tremendous value for money. We can supply both universal and tethered units (Please feel free to ask a member of our team if you are unsure on which type you need). The only requirement for a Rolec charging point is that it must be installed within 10 metres of a suitable electricity supply.

The Difference Between A Charge Point and Your 3-Pin Plug

A correctly installed charge point will allow you to charge your electric vehicle approximately 50% faster when compared to the average 3-pin plug. In addition to the convenience of less charge time, this also means that your costs will be significantly reduced after the initial outlay.

OLEV Grant – Approved Installers

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) is a government funded organisation which will provide up to £500 towards your charger installation, provided you are eligible for the grant. The requirements for this grant are:
• An electric vehicle that privately or company owned.
• An off-street location for the charger to be installed.
• This location must be a maximum of 10 metres away from an electric distribution board with adequate capacity.
To find out more, or to apply for an OLEV grant, please refer to the official website