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View your cameras 24/7 from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Looking for a low-cost professional CCTV solution in Shropshire for your Home or Business?

CCTV provide homes and businesses with the very latest CCTV systems Shropshire to keep your property safe. A range of products are available to provide a tailor made solution for each property. We have many years of experience in the security industry and offer a free site survey to explain the products in more detail and follow up with a detailed proposal. We are very proud to keep homes and commercial venues safe in Shropshire

CCTV not only acts as a powerful deterrent, but gives commercial and home users piece of mind that they’re properly protected. Having a security solution drastically raises the rate of conviction, and is essential in dealing with any insurance companies after an incident. Not only this, but having a working monitoring system can help maintain low insurance premiums throughout the year.

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The new high definition cameras produce a crystal clear picture. Our installers can upgrade your existing cameras without replacing all the cabling around the property.

View your CCTV Cameras from anywhere in the world.

All our systems can be connected to smartphones, tablets and PC’s. If you have an Apple computer, no problem, they even connect to those too.

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You can also respond immediately to anything you see on your mobile device, for example take a screen shot, take a recording of video and save it straight to your mobile device. Also zoom in on any action to get a clearer view of whats happening.

An external speaker can be fitted to the property. The mobile app will enable you to talk through the phone and inform a potential intruder that the police will be on the way.